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Creating a web design by converting from PSD to HTML

Currently, there are several new technologies being introduced while web designing. At present, the conversion of PSD to HTML plays a crucial role for generating a greatest web design for the website. By converting the document from PSD to Markup language, user can easily run it on various browsers. This conversion gives various benefits and one of the major advantages is that the web design is user friendly and very effective.

PSD to HTML conversion process absorbs the conversion from Photoshop document to proper Markup language and makes it accessible. It requires an in dept knowledge, skill and experience to create an ideal design for the website. As a result, it is suggested to hire experienced and professional developers to convert PSD to HTML. They must include every significant factor and points that has been discussed with the client. This will assist in creating a user friendly and an informative web design.

At the outset, to create a user friendly and error free web design, it is vital to get it W3C validated. As it provides complete guidelines to web designers and developers for creating a good structured website. It ensures that the website is developed keeping in mind all the quality factors and also it contains semantic coding. It ensures the design of the website is error free.

It’s imperative to keep in mind your web design should be browser compatible. It means that your website should be accessible in all the various major web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Opera etc.

And last but not the least; your website should navigate with clarity and precision. The navigation is required to be in breadcrumb format. Hence the users won’t find it difficult to access your website. While designing a website, one should remember to keep it clutter free and very simple otherwise it would irritate the visitors and they would switch over to other sites.

Hence, it’s significant to hire professional and a reputed organization to design your dream website. They will create a user friendly web design and make it more successful with its impactful design and content. To gather more details for PSD to HTML conversion visit our web page: www.spinxwebdesignnewyork.com.

Significant Features of Android Tablets

In the current scenario, various users are opting for android tablet as it is small and handy and can be carried and used anytime and anywhere irrespective of its use as an entertainment medium or for the internet browsing. These days, users prefer tablets for screening presentations. Tablets are totally different from PC. They are small in size, making it portable and lighter. Users can use the internet with the help of wire or wireless card.

There are many unique features available for this device and some features are stated below which makes Android tab popular:

1. Tablet is Thinner and lighter

The main attraction of a tablet is it is thin in dimension and light in the weight. Therefore you can easily carry it and move it from one place to another without difficulty. A tablet can enhance the quality of life as it allows one to watch movies, surfing on the internet and check mail etc.

2. Dual-core A5 chip – Faster and Multiple jobs

Android provides two powerful cores in one chip thus enables multi tasking. For instance, when you are surfing the internet or checking the mail, at the same time you can also watch your favorite movie or play your favorite game on the tablet.

3. Battery life is long lasting

With its unique slimmer and lighter android design, tablet has unique feature of long battery life compared to other tablets. It gives 10 hours battery life which is sufficient for watching a movie for the whole night or charges the chip and saves power so you can keep the device going even while battery is giving away.

4. LED for backlit display and for amazing view

Android tablet has large and striking display of 9.7 inches, which presents photos with high resolution, pictures, e-books and many more. The backlight of LED adds to the glow and dazzle. It looks amazing in low light. They are designed in such a way that the display fits every kind of landscape.

5. Provides facility of multi touch

Android offers the facility of multi touch in which you need to use your fingers for doing everything. The activities like surfing on the internet, typing emails and many more, are all done with the help of fingers. When your fingers touch the tablet, it transforms your actions into lifelike actions.

6. It offers Wi-Fi and 3G facility to stay connected with friends and relatives anywhere

Every tablet is created with advanced wireless technologies. It automatically searches Wi-Fi connectivity and you can also find apps related to the same. Android gives 3G facility so you can easily surf the web, check the emails without Wi-Fi connectivity whether you are still or traveling.

In the current era android is trending and every developer wants to create an android based application which is successful amongst users. Hence you need help from a leading professional IT organization who specializes in developing android based applications. To create AN application which provides all the above features based on Android you can visit www.spinxwebdesignnewyork.com.

Importance of Shopping cart design in Ecommerce website

In the current scenario wherein, most business takes place on the internet, it is necessary to develop an impactful website to promote your business and hence designing the perfect shopping cart is the first and foremost priority so that the users can easily carry out transactions from the website. For that you need to remember two important attributes of the shopping cart design and they are “Trust” and “Quality”. If you want to build a strong relationship with your client then nothing is important than creating an impactful website which will create an impression by designing the best shopping cart. This is a significant part of the success of your business website.

To make a decision of purchasing online goods and products are basically impulsive. Customers choose to purchase what you are selling on your website. And hence, storefront is distinctive. If your website looks scruffy, messy or copied from other popular website, then customers will avoid visiting your website. Therefore, it is imperative to design your website which is simple, with fresh ideas and user friendly.

The design of the ecommerce shopping cart mainly constitutes of these 2 features, in which one is the storefront design and the other one is shopping cart development. The important point to remember while creating a successful shopping cart is the right use of “visual effects” and the “design” which is offered to the users. Having a quality design and good layout signifies your seriousness in business. A successful store uses the latest technology and cutting edge tools which assists users to navigate easily on your website. There is no room for errors while designing a website. For example, a shopping cart which does not include the ‘Buy’ button at an appropriate position would ensure the customers exit as they don’t have much time to search. This will lead to a drop in users thus affecting your business.

Hence for succeeding in any online business, it is imperative to design a shopping cart which is user friendly and easy with navigation. The design of the shopping cart should be designed in such a way which has functional WYSIWYG wizards. Therefore, one can generate a shopping cart without programming knowledge. You can create a shopping cart in minimum time by using different templates and it is flexible enough to edit the template according to the updates.

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Converting existing website into Open Source Typo3 CMS

TYPO3 comes across as a flexible and feature rich CMS and it is highly customizable and facilitates various ways of building a simple as well as complex websites. The main goal of the organization is to develop a website which is easy to read and comprehend. Thus we can easily state that a website represents an organization on the whole, and hence your website must contain all the elements which help to increase the user base and fulfill the requirement for which they have visited the web page.

If the developers go through TYPO3 at length, they will find the essential features which are inclusive and the ability to go outside a mere CMS. In this competitive world, a website needs a complete makeover as per the latest trends. Your website needs to go through a revamp according to the latest technologies to give it a fantastic look. By redesigning website, you will re launch your website without changing the basic architecture and with the new themes and updates.

Therefore, when you are planning to convert the existing website into a TYPO3 open source CMS the following causes can be substantiated:

1. You need advanced flexibility to modify the content of the website as well as to add the new modules and functionalities.

2. There are no any technological obstacles.

3. All the attributes of web standards are SEO friendly.

4. There is a functionality of modifying the design of the templates.

Thus for generating a good website by using TYPO3 there are various plug-ins available with different attributes. Till date, TYPO3 contains more than 3200 extensions and plug-ins which enables the developers to apply and create strong applications in TYPO3 CMS. These extensions are used for making of calendars, images, news, different documents and many more.

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Hierarchy of Magento Theme Development

In the current scenario, the fad of developing websites is with the assistance of several reliable open source Content Management Systems. There are various CMSs available on the internet but amongst them, Magento is very dynamic and generally developers want to produce a website with Magento. You can choose from the various web applications through different themes. Let’s discuss the main features of Magento theme hierarchy which creates the base or in other words a default theme.

The main responsibility of the basic package in web development of Magento is to offer catches to the entire functionalities of the website. Therefore, at this point it is crucial to take extreme care. You should opt for talented and skilled Magento programmers who can create an excellent web application by using attractive themes. The designers or developers execute the changes in the basic theme and core design to create an effective and impactful look and which fulfills the requirements from the current website. While talking of the base, you need to make sure that it’s not the complete theme but the theme file which consist the images, banners etc. If you want to modify and customize then it is not required to change the base package. Those that require to be edited can be altered within the design package as your needs.

If your requirements are very clear, then you can contact a professional Magento development organization to create a perfect theme which suits your website. Magento utilizes fall back logic while depicting the themes however at this point in time it has been expanded. Let us take a look on how it works. If the custom theme calls for a CSS but the application isn’t capable to locate it then it will continue working down the hierarchy of themes until it is able to search the file. If you will use the fall back method then it allows you to add, modify and organize the files that are required to be customized while the functionalities are offered by the base package. There are some benefits of Magento theme Hierarchy such as: It has utmost control of the customization, one can create numerous themes, it helps to reduce debugging time and it permits continuous work flow.

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Choosing the right CMS for a website

When it comes to World Wide Web, it is necessary to choose the perfect CMS for developing a successful website. Everyone wants to create an efficient and user friendly website which fulfills the user’s needs. In the current scenario, wherein the internet is dominant, every website owners take help of web applications and CMS for generating high quality websites. There are various kinds of CMS available such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and many more. With various options of CMS to select from, developers can develop complex websites for an organization as a whole as well as individual.

Let’s browse through some tips to opt the perfect CMS which are as:

Multiple supports

There are various superior CMS available in the market which supports multiple languages hence someone can directly develop a website and cater to the market requirements and with no difficulty or hindrance of language.


Most of the users go for online CMS to generate, update, delete and arrange the web pages of the website. Currently, every CMS offers very deep functionality but differs significantly in user-friendliness. Therefore users take crucial factors like functionality and usability for granted.


It is beneficial to select a user friendly and highly flexible CMS as this is the need of the hour and requirement of business. Moreover, CMS should be so ideal that it gives total flexibility and guides in a simple, easy and convenient manner.

WYSIWYG editor

These days every CMS is available with WYSIWYG editor which is usually used for adding and resolve the content with the help of designs of fonts and colors. With the arrival of new version of editors, developers can create titles, catalogs, links and many other factors which can easily handle downloading of images and other files etc.

User Communication

Nobody can turn away from the fact that user feedback is of utmost importance in a web gateway. If one requires his/her website to flourish then introducing user communication functionalities such as chat, forums, comments, ratings, news feeds and RSS etc are imperative. Therefore, users should choose a CMS with this functionality.

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Best Practice for Typography in the web design

Typography is the finest way to display contents in an amazing manner on the internet. By incorporating typography on a site wherein less content enhances the look and makes it very eye-catching. This trend is a leading feature of incorporating texts in websites. There are various factors which catch the attention of the users while browsing a web page and typography is the most important factor. The reason for adopting typography to design a website is it adds a professional touch, makes it very specific, ideal and complete to make it readable for users. The web designers use their skill and knowledge to produce creative web design; similarly, typographic design formulates the most excellent use of letters & the white space.

Preamble of Typography:

A website with good use typography will create an attractive and readable site to the user. Users can never avoid the content by saying that it is time consuming, if the content is simple and interesting. The main goal of typography is that it amplifies the capacity of reading by using its extraordinary fonts. According to the priority order, typographic design manages the content in an organized layout form on a website. Typography brings an outstanding hierarchy by incorporating its different styles of fonts, colors, size etc.

Various kinds of Typography for web design:

@font-face: @font-face can be ostentatiously named as the ready savior of troubles associated with web typography and fonts. It is also known as CSS. For its ideal performance, this font style is connected with the popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Opera etc.

Pick individual typefaces: All websites have its own unique theme for increasing the look of the website and thus attains the ideal look when it is assisted by individual typefaces. You can decrease your choice of appraising the right typeface with the theme of your website. By choosing the perfect typeface it will give an exceptional uniqueness to your website and evade further confusions.

Combine different font families: This is one of the best practices in creating a typographic design and the reason is that you can create an exceptional authority to your content. The common font families which are being used such as Times New Roman, Calibri, Sans Serif, Arial etc. You can merge a variety of fonts to differentiate between the most important and less important content of the website.

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Four First-Class Tools for Responsive Web Design

In the current scenario the usage of Smartphone’s, tablets and net books are being enhanced by users on a regular basis for the web browsing. Therefore it is necessary to design a responsive web design, which is the new darling of a web design world through the use of the cascading images and flexible layout to create a website which is mobile friendly.

Responsive Web design continues to get a lot of attention in the current year of 2012. We will observe various websites who have incorporated dynamic and responsive web design which users can simply use on mobiles and tablets. These kinds of websites are easy to obtain on Smartphones. In responsive website designs, the images are in the flowing format which is reinstated by way of relevant images and contents which are the next version of designing. The main goal of responsive design is that the images should cater to different kind of resolutions, size of screen, which can be small or large.

For being successful in producing a responsive web design, there are various tools available:

1) Adobe Device Central CS5.5- This software creates a clear-cut production of pioneering and striking content for mobile devices and tablets etc. It gives an opportunity to designers to plan, preview and test facility thereby allocating on particular mobile device. The unique characteristic of this tool is that it consists of an online library of device profiles and it also supports HTML5.

2) Golden Grid System- The web designers need to be aware of this advantageous tool of the responsive web design. It permits the designers to divide the screen into 18 columns in which 2 columns at extreme ends and the remaining 16 columns can be crinkled in 8 columns for tablet screen, 4 columns for mobile devices. Another feature of this software is that it contains flexible channels and zoom able bottom grid etc.

3) Grid less- If you want to create an effective responsive web design, Gridless is the best alternative and a useful option. The significant feature of this tool is that it is an open source and simple to use and hence it supports all major browsers. It also supports HTML5 and CSS3 and also checks the cross browser compatibility with dazzling typography.

4) Skeleton- It is crucial to design a responsive and mobile friendly website. There are very few collection of CSS and JavaScript files which aids the developers to build an attractive website design for the computers as well as iPhones. Consequently, Skeleton is the best tool for generating responsive web design.

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Numerous Benefits of JSON in the iPhone

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a framework and the format of exchanging computer data during the development of iPhone applications. It is very easy to understand for a novice as well as an experienced user, hence it is very popular for developing different iPhone applications. It also includes data exchange language in combination with other helpful characteristics and hence it is used by iPhone developers across the globe. Every other application on iPhone use JSON. In the current scenario, almost all the applications of iPhone make use of the internet to complete their tasks and connect with the World Wide Web. Using JSON in iPhone, is a universal phenomenon these days. iPhone developers are the very talented in developing various categories of iPhone like Games, Entertainment and many more.

The developers of iPhone have through knowledge of different platforms such as C, C++, Java, Perl etc and moreover they have knowledge of SDK as well as JSON. They are extremely talented and hence they are able to create any kind of application, be it simple as well as complex as per the requirements of the client and also provide suggestions wherever required. The users can derive advantages from these applications and functions by using iPhone programming. As per the requirement of a client the developer can choose from the various options like JSON framework, iPhone applications, different software, 3G Application Development etc. These applications connect with various devices through the internet.

By using JSON, developers can develop application according to the client requirement and at a reasonable cost. If you require social networking or mobile ecommerce, capable developers can cater to the need of these clients and create an affordable application with complete specifications. The developers of iPhone JSON create new and creative apps. Thus these applications are available at lower costs.

The user benefits from iPhone JSON and most of them share that by using JSON framework you can generate many applications for iPhone which boosts the sale of these applications, thus enhancing business. The developers need to have through knowledge and extensive experience of JavaScript and by using jQuery; users can simply use the iPhone JSON applications. It adds to strong enhancement to the application. The developers can easily develop the JSON related projects. By using JSON framework, the communication via internet becomes trouble free.

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Unique features of Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 15

Microsoft has released the latest version of Office on 16thJune 2012 and conferred an authorized name on it. This application would be either Office 2013 or Office 15 until the final name is zeroed upon. This would hit the market with a host of user friendly and enhanced features.

And these modifications are designed to work smoothly on Smartphones. Whether the customers and business entrepreneurs derive maximum benefit from this, is what we have to wait and look forward to.

Microsoft has included the unique features in MS Office 2013 or Office 15 which are listed as:

Latest User Interface:

In the Office 2013, there is no noticeable change as compared to Office 2010. The position of the ribbon stays in the front and center, although the content and symbol is superior and well spaced. The modifications made are well observed on huge monitors and touchscreen.

New Features of Word:

Microsoft has incorporated new, attractive and supportive features in MS Word 2013. The coolest feature is that you can import a PDF file into Word directly and modify it as a Word doc and save it as Word file or PDF file. Another attractive attribute is that you can search and add online resources into the Word document. For illustration, you can use Bing for probing without leaving the Word document and attach the code of the video into the Word document.

New Features of Excel:

Similar to Word, Excel 2013 has some unique attributes. The first one is Color and Symbols which aids to scrutinize the data speedily. Excel’s new tool uses these elements to recognize and emphasize the modifications. Another feature is selecting the required data which you wish to evaluate and then select the icon which will be displayed in a corner by Opting for a perfect format which matches your requirements. Other methods to display the data are with the help of diagrams and illustrations which will permit the users to match their data.

Microsoft has introduced MS office 2013 on Tablets:

Microsoft has introduced the tablets, which are the latest gen in the world of computers. Similar to Windows 8, Office 2013 is generated from the foundation, in order to obtain maximum benefit and enhance the uniqueness of a tablet.

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