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Are You Confused Between Mobile Websites & Mobile Application?

If you are confused between adopting two option to target your mobile audience which is developing mobile application or hosting mobile compatible website. Both have cons and pros of each. Below we are highlighting the main features of both and advantage of one over others in different scenarios.

Mobile applications are built for specific platform like IOS for Android, Windows for Microsoft mobiles and blackberry. As they have built with native platform or supporting program of mobile phones, application performs better in that device compare to mobile websites. When you have large audience which use specific device or you want to target audience of specific device, mobile application is more preferable. Where mobile websites are browser dependent and built with keep in mind the general criteria for mobile web browser.

At the end you would get executive files for mobile application and modification in your application requires contacting the developer who originally developed your application which may costly.  As you can get same admin interface for mobile website and can perform minor modification and updating on your own.

Mobile applications are built with few specific purpose and objective. You need to update your application to add new features and ask your visitors to download latest version of it. In mobile websites, you can add more objective and functionality and don’t require users notifying or extra download to view the current updates of your business or website.

As time goes, there would be new platforms and mobile companies would launch different kind of devices and targeting audience on all these platforms would require developing individual application for each which would increase the cost of its development. We can create compatible mobile websites which suit to all available mobile platform and device and only few changes require making it compatible which would cost you lower compare to application.

Web standards and technology for developing websites are improving continuously and so the ability of mobile websites and browser to view website would improve accordingly. In near future, we would have high speed internet connection to and more mobile browser to view the site accurately. It may possible that after few years, mobile websites may eliminate the need of mobile application but reverse is not true.

At spinx, Chicago Web design & development firm, we have developed both mobile websites and application for our clients. As different businesses have different marketing goals and objective, in certain circumstances mobile websites are more preferable and in certain situation mobile application and we have suggested one which suits best.